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We’re a tiny, merry band of volunteers and we’d love for YOU to join us!
The PTA is a small, friendly group of parents, grandparents, carers and teachers who organise various events throughout the school year to raise lots of money to fund the “extras” that school is unable to provide through their budget, making our children’s learning experience even more fulfilling and exciting.
Isn’t it all about fundraising?
The PTA is much more than ‘just fundraising’. The PTA strengthens the link between home and school, bringing staff, parents and children together socially to support the school. We hold termly discos for the children, bake cakes, serve tea at school events and so much more! Whatever the event, we work together and have lots of fun along the way. The PTA is a great way for new parents to make friends.

This year we have already provided:
• Board games for wet play for Year 6
• Musical instruments for the school
• French dictionaries
• New books for the English department

We are currently fundraising for:
Playground Equipment
At our most recent event we raised:

How Can I Help?
Don’t assume you have to come along to every meeting and help out at every event. There is a list of additional helpers, who can’t come to the meetings but are happy to help when for an hour here or there. No help is too small!